Polish up your look

Call me a bad southern belle but I rarely, if ever, wear makeup. Aside from the scary chemicals that go into most makeup  I never want to be that person who people see as “only pretty” with a face full of makeup.

That said something that I always love but rarely do is lacquer up my nails. I usually chip my polish fairly fast taking my nails from chic to trashy in an instant. Fresh, fun nails are a great pick me up which is what I need as it is windy and cold in the dirty south.

I popped into American Apparel and discovered they now carry nail polish so I snatched up 3 colors for $15. Every color in the collection is matte, which is a big trend at the moment. They even had white which takes me back to my high school years. What’s that saying only do a trend the first time around?

These are the colors I selected.

L-R Office, Berry, Factory Grey

This weather calls for some hot chocolate and an at home manicure. Guess what I’ll be doing tonight?

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  1. I love those colors. I rarely ever do my nails (toes in the summer, and that’s about it). The scary chemicals also found in many nail polishs also keep me away, although I know there are some brands that are supposed to be better than others. A lot of it essentially contains formaldehyde. That said, this post is really making me love the thought of grey fingernails…

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