Say Hello To My Little Friends

Frye flats| Blouse from my sis, assorted necklaces (the N stands for Nadia)| Rose gold leather cuff from Satchel

Crawfish claw pendant necklace and cameo belt buckle| Meteorite ring, anniversary gift| Camper heels

Izzy, our newest needle nose. Scroll down for the story.

Loretta is a hellion, Piper is sweet as can be.

Black leather and brass belt| Asymmetrical skirt c/o Abeille NOLA (old)| Banana Republic flats

The month of August was a particularly cruel one. As anyone who knows me can attest, I’m a big animal lover. Our pets are family, and the death of an animal is the equivalent of losing your best friend. My husband and I unexpectedly lost Proteus, one of our cats of eight years, and Nadia, our sweet greyhound, two weeks later. I won’t go into personal details here, but the mourning process was a long one. While nothing will replace those two, we’ve welcomed Izzy, Loretta, and Piper to our home. They’re all getting along, although LoLo, Proteus’ brother, still rules the roost.

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