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This week’s Show & Tell comes from one of my best friends. He’s not from the south but has plenty of style so we’ll let that slide. Justin probably has THE best taste in clothes out of anyone I know. So without further adieu I present to y’all a sampling of Justin’s amazing shoe collection.

Greetings from the sunny southwest! So I figured I would get in on the show and tell Saturday with two of my current favorite pairs of shoes (as of last inventory I’m up to 20 pairs so it is hard to choose favorites).

The first pair are some Prada brogues I picked up at the Phoenix Buffalo Exchange about 5 years ago. I think my favorite thing about them is that they’re completely classic and subtle, but also full of character and amazingly versatile.

The second pair are a recent find at a Phoenix shopping gem. They’re Wolverine 1000 mile premium boots that I was happy to pay a mere $40.00 for. I had been on the hunt for lace up boots for some time and these were more than I could have hoped for. Even more than the great classic style and sturdy construction (they’ll last forever), I’m happy to have picked them up in an already gently worn condition. It would have taken longer than I’d like to take to get that great patina and scraping on them myself and now I don’t have to feel so bad when I add my own scrapes to them.

These two pairs may not always be in my regular rotation, and there may be times they find themselves pushed to the dark corners of my closet, waiting to be brought out and dusted off again. I’m sure they’ll drift in and out of favor over time, and that’s the best thing about shoes that are impeccably constructed and classically styled. Be good to them and they’ll last you a lifetime.

Remember if you have something special in your closet, be it your maw maw’s 1950’s prom dress or your latest Macy’s shopping spree we want to see it! E-mail me at nolagurl{at}gmail{com}.
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