Sinnin’ and Feudin’: Southern Contests

I grew up Catholic, or Cat’lic if you’re going to properly pronounce it wrong. So I know all about sinning- and may or may not have done a little myself. The Creative Nonfiction Foundation (CNF) wants to hear all about your repentance worthy behaviors for their Southern Sin Essay Contest. Your story can be serious or humorous but you have to tell the truth- after all lying is a sin. Deadline is July 31st, selected essays will be published in Creative Nonfiction #47 and one lucky writer will win $5,000 for Best Essay. To submit, visit:

From their press release:
“Creative Nonfiction (CNF) and the Oxford Creative Nonfiction Writers Conference & Workshop are looking for essays that capture the South in all its steamy sinfulness–whether you’re skipping church to watch football, coveting your neighbor’s Real Housewife of Atlanta, or just drinking an unholy amount of sweet tea. Confess your own wrongdoings, gossip about your neighbor’s depravity, or tell us about your personal connection to a famous Southerner headed down the broad road to Hell. Whether the sin you discuss is deadly or just something that would make your mama blush we want to hear about it in an essay that is at least partially narrative–employing scenes, descriptions, etc.”


If your group of friends are feuding like a modern day version of the  Hatfields vs. the McCoys, you might want to take it to reality t.v. A well known cable network wants to share the blood bath with a national audience, so they’re putting out a casting call in the New Orleans area. If your group of friends is age 21+ and have a score to settle with a rival group, e-mail with the following info.

⋅ Name
⋅ Where do you live?
⋅ Occupation
⋅ Phone
⋅ Email
⋅ Describe your group of friends in three words
⋅ How long have you known each other?
⋅ Who are the members of your crew?
⋅ Describe your enemies:
⋅ Why are you enemies?
⋅ How long have you been feuding?
⋅ Have you ever had a confrontation?
⋅ Please include a photo of you and your friends.

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