Skirting the Issue

I’ve had a long standing love affair with dresses and still do but lately I’ve been pining for separates. In this heat cotton skirts are all I want to wear but it’s hard to find skirts that are summer appropriate. Fortunately I have found a few contenders that can stand up to our heat and humidity.

This chambray ruffled skirt from J Crew is perfect for summer and the neon waistband adds a spark of interest. I had actually tried it on in the store and loved it. Now that it is on sale I’ll probably break down and buy it.

The pleated ultra mini from Hemline is perfect for a hot night. Just throw on a tank top with this and go. I like the contrast of the peachy color vs. the black elastic waistband.

Pleated Ultra Mini

This 1940’s inspired high waisted skirt from Trashy Diva is sure to be a head turner with its interesting silhouette. This would be great during the day or an evening event.

I’ve been thinking about making the skirt that I’m wearing here again just in a longer, cotton version. If you have a sewing machine it is super easy to make an elasticized waist skirt. I found the directions here and made mine in less than an hour.

So what’s on your mind for this summer?

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