Snuggies are never an option

Growing up in southeast Louisiana I’ve never needed a serious winter coat. People love coats down here just because their’s never see the light of day. Every fall I say the same shenanigans; I will get my winter boots reheeled, I’ll have great gloves and a chic little winter hat. Well that never happens but one thing I do have is a closet of outerwear to choose from. If I could necessitate the need I’d buy one of the items below to add to my collection.

For whatever reason I have an affinity for 3/4 sleeved coats.  The Scissor Sisters Coat from ModCloth is a perfect excuse to purchase elbow length gloves.

Everyone needs a little black jacket in their closet. This Theory tux jacket available from Piper Lime is so chic and I think would pair well with casual outfits.

If you want to get lux without breaking the bank this little feathered capelet from Forever 21 will add glamour without killing your wallet. I really wish they would have styled this differently. This is the type of piece where more is more! I’d throw this over a cocktail dress and make a (probably failed) attempt at a great messy updo. It would also look better left open to avoid looking like a bird costume. Of course Mardi Gras IS only two months away….

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