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Okay I know what y’all are thinking. What do ferrets have to do with fashion? I’ll explain that in a minute.

Something y’all might not know about me is that I have a deep love for animals. The real reason I had to buy a house is because I was sneaking animals in and out of rentals for years. Oops, sorry former landlords!  From ferrets, hedgehogs, and even Savannah monitors I have loved and owned them all.

A friend of mine, Laura Bogren, operates the NOLA Ferret Rescue, a non profit shelter which provides a loving, caring home for these little “carpet sharks” while they are awaiting adoption. Ferrets are really quirky little animals that an old friend of mine affectionately called a “cat squirrel”. They have big  personalities in a little bitty body which makes for a silly little creature with explosive energy. 

So where does the fashion fit in here? Hang tight for a minute y’all.

I met Laura years and years ago when One Eyed Jack’s was still the Shim Sham. Laura is intensely dedicated to ferrets and having had one myself (and the heartache of a family pet loss) I know how outrageous their vet bills can be. Now imagine running a shelter with multiple critters and it becomes obvious that this isn’t a cheap date.

A really simple, easy way to support the NOLA Ferret Rescue is to shop your favorite stores through Sign up is simple and every purchase you make donates a little bit of money to the shelter. With 835 participating retailers there is surely one that you already shop at already. Participating retailers include, Kensie, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Lucky Brand Jeans,  Gap, Macy’s, Steve Madden, Yves Saint Laurent, Bloomingdale’s, Brooks Brothers,and Dillards to name a few. 


1. Join to support NOLA Ferret Rescue. It’s free, safe, and easy to join. Use this link:

Don’t feel like registering? Take out for a spin and raise a penny (or more!) per search. Just visit and type “NOLA Ferret Rescue” in the “Select Your Cause” area.

2. Shop through’s online mall
~ OR ~
Raise a penny search at

And that’s it! So what do you think about iGive? Have you used it before?

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