What I Wore: Horsin’ around

I like to get out of town as often as I can, which unfortunately isn’t as much as I’d like. My husband and I recently took a trip to Bush, Louisiana to a little place called Splendor Farms. For a complete recap of our adventures at the farm read my recap at the excellent website NO Adventure and check out the full set of photos on my Facebook page. Even though we only stayed one night we came back to New Orleans completely refreshed.

All I’ve got for y’all today is a goat and what I wore. It’s important not to look like a fashion victim when petting goats and baby horses so I kept it simple with a tank top, shorts and sandals. Seriously, don’t overdue it; you can’t become one with nature wearing stilettos and a mini skirt. Y’all can check out some of my previous adventures by clicking here.
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