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I don’t know about y’all but every year at this time I start having daily wardrobe crises. I’m sick of wearing my summer clothes and it is too warm to break out a long sleeved shirt, much less a sweater. Here in New Orleans the weather can change at a moments notice so while I may have those sweaters stored away the tank tops are always hanging in the closet, no matter what the supposed season is.

Y’all might remember this dress from when I wore it to the Anthropologie grand opening. Even though it is a bit wintery I’m so done with my summer clothes so I decided to wear it to work but wanted to dress it down. Luckily even though this dress is high on detail it is basic enough to play with accessories and give it a new look. I just swapped out platform heels for my vintage engineer boots and wore my trusty turquoise jewelry in place of the statement necklace I wore the first time around.

Check out my overgrown *ahem* lush backyard! We like to use the word lush to describe our jungle like gardens here in the south. Even if I broke out the machete (and yes I know how to use one) this would be out of control again in weeks.
Another piece from my vast collection. What can I say, I’m a collector of Native American jewelry.
Boots: vintage 
Jewelry: vintage 
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